Ocean Community Church: A Congregation of the Reformed Church in America

gathering in Manahawkin, NJ since 1982

Regular Sunday Services: 9am (informal contemporary) and 11am (formal traditional)

(nursery care available during both services, up to age 5)

1492 Rt 72 West, Manahawkin NJ 08050   

office: 609-597-5151 email: oceanchurch@comcast.net  


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We've just heard that we have 3 families coming to be our guests at Family Promise starting December 19th thru Christmas Day and leaving Sunday morning, December 26th. The planning committee is coordinating a variety of volunteer needs. We need hosts willing to stay overnight, members to offer fellowship each evening, and volunteers to prepare and provide meals for dinner, breakfast and snacks. If you are willing to help in any of these ways, please contact Mary at jmchale119@comcast.net. What a wonderful opportunity to reflect the Christmas story. Joseph and Mary were homeless in Bethlehem trying to find a place for Jesus to be born. So what could be more Christmas than to provide a place to homeless families. 


notes for sunday, december 12

Here we are at the third week of advent, next week the children present a christmas program at the early service, and then on the 24th we celebrate Christmas Eve at 7pm. Our projector has been acting up so we'll probably still be in backup projector mode, hoping to get it fixed soon! This Sunday is a regular sunday with breakout for children after children's message (led again by children's ministry shepherds). Pastor Phil will be sharing a message from John 3:16 about the giver of the Christmas gift: if Jesus is the gift, he was given by the Father! We'll look at the mystery of the Father sending the Son through the work of the Spirit. Christmas gives us a glimpse into deep eternal mysteries, and above all the love of God for us! The Angel Tree project will be wrapping up soon, and at this point we have 12 angels left, mostly for older children (13ish) and we suggest gift certificates for them (if you are stumped about gifts!). Youth group meets with Kyle and Dave on Thursday the 16th, and Keswick money balance is due December 18. Congratulations to Evelyn on a great dinner in support of breast cancer research, and thanks to the over 70 people who attended! The bulletin for tomorrow will be posted later tonight in our downloads section. Join us to celebrate the Father's gift of his dearly loved son, come to earth, born as one of us, to be our savior, friend and lord.


resources for discussion Voyage of the Dawn Treader

The new movie coming out on December 10 is a great discussion starter for family conversations about Christian faith. There is a bible study resource as well as a 7 session study book that we can make available if there is interest. Let us know if you'd like us to get them for the church to have on hand! If you'd like to investigate more about CS Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia, click on the links provided. Wikipedia has articles about Narnia and CS Lewis. Another webpage has the blessing of CS Lewis family, and there is a CS Lewis Foundation at work to establish a Christian college in his honor. There is an official movie website and you can buy the book from Amazon.


prayer team brings good news to Summerville residents

Our prayer team has sponsored a special service at Summerville for a couple of years now. This year an expanded team was able to bring music and a Christmas message to about forty very grateful residents at the home. We're grateful to the expanded team for their willingness to serve in this way, during a very busy season of the year.


Kids Hope USA update: online youtube video to watch

As we continue our exploration on Kids Hope USA volunteer mentoring program, we are receiving new materials at the church which we will post on the bulletin board in fellowship hall. We've included here a link to a youtube video to watch. Keep praying with us as we consider this outreach ministry.